Thursday, December 17, 2009

Divine ESP

Did you ever have one of those thoughts that no matter how hard you tried to get rid of it kept nagging at you?  This occurred just recently.  What seemed like a cycling random thought inside my head turned itself into a very interesting lesson form the Universe.

When I do Vortex healing it requires a certain amount of internal verbal instruction to access the healing energy and send it on it's way.  For some reason I thought the verbal instruction to the divine healing energy would be heard more if I worded it with my mouth and not just say it inside my head.  This also occurred with the Merlin mantra I use during meditation.  I thought wording the mantra would be more effective than saying it in my head.  I carried this weird doubt between thinking and saying a thing for quite some time.

I found myself at the local CVS to see if there was anything I needed to buy for the co-op.  As I walked through the isles music was playing on the loud speaker.  The song that was playing was a 90's song that I hadn't heard in a long time.  This made me think of another song I hadn't heard in a while;  Dionne Farris "I Know"  It was a song I didn't think was the best but it definitely had a snappy little beat that kind of stuck with you.  And with that the thought passed.....

I came to the conclusion that there was nothing I needed to buy so I started to head for the door.  My intuition abruptly gave a command in my head, "Stop! Don't leave the store just yet."  Wow, my intuition was insistent.  I've had such intuitive commands before so I made it a point to listen to it.  With an annoyed "Tsk!" on my tongue and a roll of my eyes I turned around and headed back towards the isles.  Why do I have to stay here? I thought still annoyed, Did I forgot to buy something??? Soon after that, Dionne Farris's song started playing on the loud speaker.......  I immediately acknowledged it and immediately started to laugh.

So there you have it. The Divine hears all your thoughts.  LOL.  Ironic the title of the song was "I know"  ;-)

As I write this I giggle to myself because the Divine was being very observant of the little nagging thought inside my head.  "Hmmm... Simon thinks I can't hear his thinking Eh?  Well, let's put his mind at rest now shall we."  Too funny.    It brings home the lesson of what so many spiritual teachers and authors teach - All thoughts have power.  It shows that with the power of one thought you can create something very positive or something very negative in your reality.  Or in this case something very humorous.

I'm still learning the power of creative thinking but I can take some comfort that at least I'm not "alone" in my thoughts now.