Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Healing Forward In My Practice

I have been doing a lot of healing around the issue of success in my healing practice.  Business has slowed and that brings up a lot of anxiety. 

  About two months ago I did a healing around the issue of money.  The healing was quite general and I asked Merlin to simply send healing to where ever it needed to go.  It was hard to see what the outcome of the healing was until just recently.  It brought up more anxiety. Everywhere I turned  I was facing nothing but blocks upon blocks that were preventing me from moving forward.  It was driving me crazy and leaving my stomach tied up in knots.  I knew that fear around money was a problem for me and now the healing was bringing up yet another layer. I got fed up with it and decided to take action.  This time I did a healing around my money fear.

This healing was more powerful than the last and brought up more specific issues.  I was faced yet again with beliefs that were blocking me from letting fulfillment in.  They kept saying, "This is not going to happen."  

Visions came up.

I saw an image of myself with my head lowered.  A man with long hair walks up to me and whispers in my ear, "Death"  The vision startles me but I've been a healer long enough to know that not all deaths are physical.  This could have meant a death was happening inside me that would lead to some sort of transformation.

I have another vision where I see a man sitting on the floor with his legs outstretched.  I couldn't see what he looked like for he was encased in darkness.  The man points upward and says, "What you are looking for isn't down here but up there."  I look up and see that a beautiful divine light is shining just above him.  I have a few ideas what the vision means but for now I will let the insight unfold naturally.

I then see images of eyes that are jumbled together in a black looking soup.  The eyes look cock-eyed and twisted.  I'm pretty sure this vision was indicating the release of negative perceptions I was holding onto.  

The release of negative emotions was becoming exhausting but then started to subside. The feeling of strength finally started to take over my entire being.   It was wonderful to feel and brought hope that I could approach money with more strength and power.  I then felt the release of a barrier.  The barrier took form as some sort of dome around my consciousness.   I sensed this particular barrier was keeping a lot of the fulfillment I so desired always beyond my reach.  It was such relief to finally feel it fall away.

I did this healing only yesterday and now I must wait to see how the healing manifests itself.  

I've done a lot of healing around the issue of money and I'm now in the midst of learning an important lesson.  One cannot achieve the highs of money until one knows how to truly deal with the lows.  For the longest time I had nothing but fear around money.   The fear would make me shirk many financial responsibilities.  When a financial crisis hit it was  so easy for me to get all bent out of shape.  Now I see how important it is that when a crisis occurs I must always come from a place of power and centeredness. 

Money is neither good nor evil.  Money simply is.  It is the inner demons of fear, guilt, unworthiness and lack  that we must heal in order to attain the financial abundance we so desire.  I would like nothing more than to be a rich man.  When I get there I will always let the power of the Divine be my moral compass.