Friday, February 1, 2008

Bowing In Reverence


I have started a new blog with the intent of it's focus to be mostly on my healing and spiritual life.

  I am a certified Vortex Energy Healer. (r) As I write these blogs it will become obvious how my life as a healer goes hand-in-hand with my spiritual life. I have been on the path to enlightenment ever since I was 16.  (Quite a goal for a teenager)  I was attuned to Reiki, levels 1 & 2 when I was 26. Reiki's healing energy was beautiful but it was in 2001 that I came across Vortex Healing (r) by accident.  Vortex became the most powerful healing energy I had ever experienced.  With each Vortex (r) transmission my entire energy system would open up more and more and bring me more deeper into Oneness.  By my third transmission I began to realize that Vortex (r) was playing a huge part in my own spiritual awakening. 
A new stage of my spiritual path has now begun.  In my last Vortex (r) class I lost what was called my Core Veil.   This was the veil that created the illusion of separation between myself and the Divine.  I now feel a sense of freedom and lightness that wasn't there before.  It doesn't matter how stressed out or emotional I get because I can no longer hold onto any bad moods for too long.  Negative emotions now slip through my fingers like sand and the only thing left is the feeling of freedom.  So much of what I have identified myself to be is now being released.  I felt grief in the beginning because not all of what I identifed myself to be was bad.  In the end those identifications were still limited.  

A Divine Light that goes beyond my ability to comprehend at this time stands before me.  I begin to take my first steps forward.