Monday, August 2, 2010

A Dream I Had

My latest Vortex Healing class, Quantum Jewel and Quantum Gate, ended on July 11th.  It has brought me to an entirely new and powerful level of healing.  The activation of the Q-Gate within my heart has brought my consciousness to a whole new level as well. I left feeling as if a powerful lighthouse bulb  was blaring radiant light from my chest.   Anthony Gorman, the Merlin teaching the class, said that once the Q-Gate is activated and used it brings a sense of light and fluidity within one's being.  He was quite on the mark with that one.   

After visiting some Massachusetts friends right after the class I returned home to NYC.  That first night I had a dream that revealed quite clearly that it was back to business as usual.  It was a dream I had many times before.  I had gone back to school.  I walked through classrooms and hallways in a state of confusion.  I had a report due in one of my classes that was about writing on a certain spiritual issue.  I had left the report unfinished to the very last moment and I knew I'd fail if I didn't turn it in.  Yet, at the same time something stopped me from doing the report in the first place.  I first considered doing the report on the Multifrequency level of Vortex Healing. I changed my mind and then considered doing it on the guru Amma Karunamayi.  The dream ended where I didn't finish the report and was left with an intense feeling of anxiety in my chest.  

Three weeks have passed and now that dream has revealed itself in my waking life.  I returned home more aware of how overwhelming it feels  to try and be a successful business man.  As I explore the powers of the Q-Gate and the updated Quantum Jewel I focus on healing the issue of financial prosperity.  A whole new level of anxiety, doubt, and confusion has come up to be released.  This latest healing I've done around my confusion has revealed an insight which brings back hope.  The Divine will always be there to bring us to our next level of growth but our fear usually blinds us to that simple truth.  It reminds me how fear brain washes us to believe that fear is the only thing that exists.  

To heal my anxiety I must first cultivate light.  Light in the end becomes the only thing which pierces through the illusion of fear.