Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beloved Avi

At the beginning of last month I was up to my eye balls in stress.  I had broken up with my girlfriend and my best friend Wendy had moved to Seattle to be with her boyfriend.  I was also planning to leave for my next Vortex class. (r) The night before I left I got home and discovered a note that my ex had left for me on the kitchen counter.  She told me that Avi, one of my most special healing clients, had finally succumbed to her cancer and died.

I thought I'd prepared myself for that moment because Birgitte informed me about a month before that Avi's surgery to remove her tumors was not successful.  My brain couldn't take it all in at the time.  So many things were going on and my head was spinning.  The Vortex(r) class I was about to take would bring me to my next level of awakening and that's all I was able to think about.  The timing couldn't be any more inappropriate.  Or was it?

I returned home from class on a new level of enlightenment.  Everything around me had changed because a huge layer of illusion had been stripped from my Being.  I was now relating more from a place of vast and limitless Oneness.  Such words are still inadequate to describe the true reality of the experience.    After a time of integration I can now give honor to the memory of Avi. 

Avi was a radiant beacon of Light.  I've said this many times before and I will continue saying it in hopes that no one will ever forget.  Avi knew she was dying and she refused to let that get her down.  For someone so young, she was one of the most strongest souls I have ever met. I consider myself so honored that she chose me to give her a healing.  A part of me was hoping the Vortex healing(r) would prolong her life but now I must take on faith that all has happened as it should.   My friend Snow, who is also a healer, gave me some wonderful intuitive advice.  She said the healing I gave Avi, along with the karma knots that were released brought her a more peaceful and resolved passing.  This statement rings true in my heart and I thank Snow greatly for it.

My heart goes out to Avi's mother now.  I can't even begin to fathom what she's feeling at this time.   I will always pray to the Universe to give her strength.  I will pray to the Universe that she can go on with her life and continue to find  peace and happiness.

I am currently in the works of taking my healing practice to it's next level of success.  I wish to dedicate this new level in the memory of Avi.  I will let my experience with Avi sharpen my resolve as a healer. If I should ever find myself in a time of doubt I will remember Avi's incredible spirit and let it always inspire me.  

Avi's spirit has returned to the Light and that should always be a reason to rejoyce.

Thank you Avi.