Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A "Random" Healing

I usually go jogging in the evenings.  The energy in the city is less frenetic at night and it gives me a nice feeling of privacy when I'm doing it.  My jogging route has been disappointing lately to say the least.  I've gone long periods without right exercise and at my age I'm realizing it gets harder to bounce back.  After such a disappointing jog up and down the Hudson pier I walked home and sat on my building stoop to rest before I went inside.  As I was sitting there a young Latino man in his twenties came up to me and started talking.  The man was obviously very drunk.  I sensed nothing bad or ominous from this man so I continued to talk to him.  I could tell this man needed someone to talk to and my healing instincts stared to kick in.  

"So have you been drinking for recreation or for escape?"  I asked him.

"Escape" he replied.

"Escape from what?" I asked.


"Drama from what?"

He told me he was a smoker and just recently when he spat out saliva he saw blood.  The doctors later told him he had emphysema.  When he notified the employers at his job about his condition he was immediately suspended without pay and couldn't pay his rent.  As  he talked about this he started to break down and the next thing I knew this total stranger was sobbing in my arms.

I couldn't help but think how lucky this man was to "coincidentally" sit down next to me.  I consoled him as best I could and told him that his life was not yet over and since he was young he had a greater chance to recover from his emphysema.  When a person is in the middle of such drunken despair I knew verbal consolation could only go so far.  I thought that now was a good a time as any to apply a little Vortex (r)

I told him I was an energy healer and if he were open to it I would give a quick healing.  He agreed without much resistance.  The man was in a very dark place in his life so I thought I'd make the healing really count by releasing a karma knot.  I went inside myself and encompassed the man within Merlin's Jewel.  I then instructed the Jewel to release the karma knot that would best help him move forward in his life.  As the Jewel energy went through his system he began to lay his head against my shoulder.  I was skeptical at first if I could release a karma knot in my tired sweaty condition but I eventually felt the release.    When he opened his eyes I could immediately sense that his energy was different.  I doubt he could sense it though.

I told him I had done some karmic healing and to trust me when I said it would really help him.  He sluggishly nodded and told me he was thirsty and didn't want to take up any more of my time.  I gave him some parting words before I went upstairs.

"Have faith God is there for you and He is helping you." I said. "God has helped you through me and if you remain open he will continue to help you through others as well."  

I never grow tired of my professional healing practice but to bring healing to a complete stranger in this manner I hold as special.  I believe there to be no coincidences in this universe. I thank the Universe for dropping a random stranger my way to keep me on my healing toes.  I am humbled that by mere "chance" I may have altered the direction of an individuals life with a simple healing gesture.

Thank you Merlin.

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