Saturday, February 15, 2014

Emily - A Poem

I experienced the treasures of your heart
I said they were hidden deep within a cave
Buried under the soft rich earth
I always sought to find those treasures
Digging deeply to gaze upon it's beauty again and again
Was I selfish to want to bring these treasures to the light of day?
Did I ask too much of this request?
Such richness inspired me but they were never mine
I regret  I could not appreciate the wisdom
Of how you held them in so cautiously
Yet you allowed me into these buried chambers
And within these chambers I could feel that I was home
The earth lovingly sang to me your name
And in that moment I knew that you were kin
I put your hand to my heart to feel the witness
Of my heart glowing in the radiance of this recognition
But when Light shines so bright
Comes the fear that Light will be taken away
And I was afraid
My fear forgot the sacredness of your hidden treasures
For that I am truly sorry
And seeing your face in a picture 
I could tell your face was glowing
No bitterness could deny the gratitude
That perhaps you shared more of your treasures with the world
Yet I am not there to share it with you.
I now see your buried treasures and how they mirrored mine
My treasures I did not wish to hide away
And from the glowing brilliance your heart inspired
A wall came down
A wall of tears and stoic bad habits
And all of a sudden I stepped forth into mystery
No answers certain
Except  of a deep and profound surrender
And the infinite silence that it brings
You brought me to that silence

I will always love you for it.

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